The big dicks of ‘Xtra Inches’ gay porn

Mason Wyler and Christian Owen In The Gym

two big dicked jocks have gay sex in the gym

Mason Wyler has the bigger dick (measuring 8 inches) but it is Christian Owen that dominates this gym sex scene at Xtra Inches. The guys are doing push ups and lifting weights together when they are hot and sweaty their shirts come off to expose their ripped jock bodies. The sight of each other covered with sweat gets them (and me) horny and ready for some hot sex. They take turns sucking each others dick then move to a 69 position. Christian takes all inches of Mason’s uncut dick down his throat with ease then starts rimming his sweet ass. Mason gets on the weight bench for Christian to fuck him while he strokes himself to a nice cumshot.

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Race Cooper – 9 Inch Cock

Race Cooper fucks Derek Rynolds with 9 inch cock

Both Race Cooper and Derek Rynolds have 9 inch dicks and know how to use them but it’s Race in this scene at Xtra Inches that dominates. Derek gets on his knees to suck on Race’s big black cock until it is hard as a rock and dripping wet. Race uses his tongue to loosen up Derek’s muscular ass before sliding in every inch of his condom covered cock. Derek bucks a little as the extra large dick goes in and Race pulls an old trick from the bag, biting on Derek’s ear and neck to distract him from the aggressive plowing his ass is getting.

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Christian Wilde Fucks Johnny Gunn

Christian Wilde fucks Johnny Gunn with 8 inch cock

If you like your men butch as well as hung, you’re going to love the scene between Christian Wilde and Johnny Gunn at Xtra Inches. Lets get the important stat out of the way first, Christian has an 8 inch cock and Johnny has a slightly larger cock measuring in at 8.5 inches. Both guys have semi to slightly hairy chest, lean bodies, and some tattoos. The sex takes place in a warehouse setting where you can see the plain cement walls and 55 gallon chemical drums laying around for a gritty and raw feel but this isn’t a bareback session. Johnny starts by sucking on Christian’s dick then Christian gets in front of Johnny to deep throat his big cock. The way that Johnny grabbed the back of Christians head during his blowjob, I thought that Johnny was going to top but it is Christian that puts a magnum condom on and slams his big dick into Johnny Gunn’s hairy ass.

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Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson - naked

Blake Johnson is an alternative twink with spiked & colored hair, pierced nipples, and tattoos. At only 5 feet 7 inches and maybe weighing 115 soaking wet Blake’s thick 7.5 inch dick is an impressive sight hanging below his ripped abs and shaved pubic area. Sorry to all you size queen bottoms out there but, Black is a bottom too. The nice part about guys like Blake is that he’s so skinny with such a big tool that it makes the reach around or even blowing him while fucking his ass all that much easier and more enjoyable.

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