The big dicks of ‘Sean Cody’ gay porn

Robbie strokes his 8 inch dick

Sean Cody's model Robbie

Sean Cody model Robbie is everything you think of when fantasizing about sexy mid-western farm boys.  He has a nice lean body with one tattoo – a map of his home state, and a big 8.5 inch cock.  Not only does Robbie have a big dick, he’s also into guys with big dicks.  So far he has done 10 hardcore sex scenes at Sean Cody.  Usually he’s an aggressive top but known how to take it too.  He’s even in a group scene where he takes a load of cum across his cute face.

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Brooks fucks Cain bareback

Brooks shoves his huge cock deep into Cain

Cain is a new model at Sean Cody. He’s only done a jack off scene until this encounter with a more seasoned model Brooks. I don’t know if the models get to pick their own partners to do scenes with, but if they do; Cain is a size queen for sure. Brooks is known for two things; his over sized cock and awesome bareback scenes with guys willing to be filled with dick. You can clearly see the size difference between Cain (left cock) and Brooks (right cock). Cain is no small dicked man, he is about 6 inches, or average for most guys. Brooks has at least 9 inches of cock and man does he know how to use it. It’s hard to tell who the real talent is in this scene. Both guys have great bodies like all the models at Sean Cody. Cain sucks down every inch of Brooks throbbing pole like a professional deep throater. Next he slicks up Brooks hard dick and sits down for a bareback ride. Cain is loosened up enough cowboy style that the guys decide to get creative in the rest of their fucking positions.

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Sawyer Shows Off His Curved 9 Inch Cock

tattooed jock strokes his big uncut dick

Sawyer looks like a lot of fun! This young man smiles nearly the entire time he spends with us in his jerk off video at Sean Cody. Sawyer has quite a package showing through his shorts when the interview starts. He blushes a little as he tells a story about high school gym and the attention he gained after being noticed in the shower. Guys and girls alike love to get a look at his 9 inch uncut dick. Nine inches is big by any standard when it comes to dick size but it looks even bigger on Sawyer’s small body.

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Caribbean Jock Has Really Big Cock

ripped Caribbean jock shows off his huge uncut cock

Ricardo is a 2o year old jock from the Dominican Republic that is doing his debut porn video for Sean Cody. Ricardo tells us that he loves to play sports which would explain his lean body with ripped abs, great ass, and muscular legs. Looking at his pictures on the beach wearing a swim suit he already great looking. When he drops his trunks to get completely naked his other big attribute becomes obvious. Ricardo has a big fat uncut cock. Even soft his dick is about the size of a soda can and when it gets hard it grows and grows. Unlike a lot of guys with dicks this big around, Ricardo is able to get fully hard enough that his dick can out from his body. It is no wonder that Ricardo is smiling so much in his pictures and video. If I had a dick like that I’d smile every time someone looked at it too.

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