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Daniel Johnson Fucks Luke Desmond

Daniel Johnson and Luke Desmond suck and fuck - 9 inch uncut cock

Luke Desmond with his lean body and thick 9 inch uncut cock has been a favorite of members at Hard Brit Lads. Relative newcomer Daniel Johnson is no slouch in the big dick department either sporting a nice 7.5 inch (18.5 cm) uncut dick. Daniel only did his first male on male sex scene a few weeks ago and isn’t quite ready to bottom (yet) so it is Luke that drives the scene. Luke rubs Daniel’s smooth muscular body with warm oil as he strips the strawberry-blond down to his underwear. Daniel looks awesome all oiled up with a huge bulge in his tight white underwear. Luke pulls the thick piece of dick out of Daniel’s underwear and gets to work slurping it down. Luke licks the long shaft and pulls the foreskin back to suck the swelling head of Daniel’s growing cock. After both are naked and trading blowjobs, Luke offers up his experienced ass for Daniel to fuck. Even though Daniel is about 1.5 inches smaller than Luke, it looks great slamming into his ass. Luke’s own 9 inch dick stays semi to fully hard throughout and he shoots a nice load while Daniel fucks him. Daniel deposits his English cum load onto Luke’s cute face. Maybe we can see Daniel taking a big dick in his next scene?

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British Twink Has 7.5 Inch Dick

Danny T is a big dicked twink sporting a 7.5 inch uncut cock

Danny T is a British twink with a small stature, smooth body, and a big uncut cock. The young man is 20 years old and stands only 5 feet 7 inches tall making his 7.5 inch dick look even bigger. As Danny strokes his cock through his underwear it makes a huge bulge that stretches across his pelvis to his hip. His smooth ball sac hangs out the side of his underwear from the lifting action. When he finally removes the briefs his massive meat springs to attention pointing skyward with a slight upward curve. The foreskin lays slightly behind the head but is visible even when he is hard. Danny shows off his nice body and big dick from a few positions as he strokes his load in this scene online now at Hard Brit Lads.

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Hairy Footballer Strokes His 9 Inch Cock

hairy Brit strokes his 9 inch uncut dick

Ed is a hairy middle aged straight man that loves to play football (soccer for us Americans). Ed’s deep voice and accent is sexy in its own way but things get better as he starts to get undressed. Unlike a lot of guys in porn these days, Ed keeps his chest hair natural. Wow does he have a lot too. Ed begins to rub his growing cock through his shorts as he continues to get undressed and before long there is a nice big bulge in them. His dick is so long that is nearly sticks out the edge. Lucky that they don’t stay him for long. Ed pulls his underwear down to reveal his already hard 9 inch uncut cock. You gotta love these amateur men that have no trouble getting hard on camera. Ed plays with his foreskin and rubs his fat dick while showing us the rest of his lean hairy body including some close up pictures of his butt and hole. Once the show and tell session is done he lays back on the sofa to give all his attention to his dick. Ed uses both hands for the full stimulation that brings a stream of jizz flowing from the head and lands on his hairy belly and pubes.

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Jordan Fox Fucks Luke Desmond

Jordan Fox and Luke Desmond have gay sex

Luke Desmond may have the longer cock at 9 inches long compared with Jordan Fox’s 8 inch cock but Jordan has girth on his side for sure. Even as the two British jocks stand next to each other with their hard dicks standing out from their running shorts you can clearly see how big their dicks are. Jordan has no trouble sucking on Luke while Luke has to open his mouth as far as it will go to take in the thick cock of Jordan. The guys rub and suck each other while standing then give us a show by docking with each other. They move to the floor for the action to continue with Jordan sucking Luke and letting the saliva run down his smooth balls to his hairless ass. You know what happens when a cute guy like Luke has his butt hole covered with saliva… the fucking commences! Jordan slides his thick cock slowly up Luke’s tight hole at first then picks up speed as Luke relaxes a little. When the camera zooms in close we can see the great cock of Luke as he strokes away while being fucked. Luke looks even better in the end after Jordan and him shoot their cum onto his smooth chest and ripped abs. Yummy!

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Jordan and Darius Have 8 Inch Cocks

two big dicked brits have gay sex

I’ve had a major itching for Darius Ferdynand since seeing his jack off video at Hard Brit Lads a while ago. Something about little guys with big cocks and his smooth ripped body with beautiful blue eyes seals the deal. Pair Darius with another British hunk, Jordan Fox, and you have a big dicked duo that had me hard before the sex even started. Jordan is obviously bigger than Darius as they stand shirtless in loose running shorts. Both pull their uncut dicks out to show how big they are and Darius goes to his knees to start sucking Jordan’s very thick dick. Poor guy stretches his mouth as wide as it can go to fit Jordan’s girth. Both guys are completely naked and fully hard when Jordan returns the oral favor and goes a step farther by rimming Darius’ shaved ass. Jordan adds a lot of spit as he tongues and fingers the little guy’s butt. Jordan’s dick looks bigger than 8 inches as he lines it up with Darius’ behind and starts to slide it in. Even experienced bottom like Darius can’t help but wince and squirm as the long thick cock slides up his hole. Once Darius gets used to the big dick up his ass he starts to ride Jordan like a wild cowboy while stroking his own 8 hard inches. The fucking continues and gets rougher until both men shoot their creamy loads onto Darius’ ripped hairless body.

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Jason O’Connor Fills Billy With 8 Hard Inches

Jason O'Connor fills Billy Roberts with his 8 inch uncut dick

I’m not sure who is more impressive in this scene between Billy Roberts and Jason O’Connor. Jason’s 8 inch cock is rock hard before his loose white boxers are off and stays that way even after cumming. Billy is a 19 year old with a nice 7 inches of his own but his real skill is the way he takes a big cock. Billy’s been in 4 scenes at Hard Brit Lads and looks like he loves cock in any way he can get them but bigger is better for this horny chav. Jason’s happy to give him all 8 inches of his pole. First Billy goes down to suck and deep throat the big uncut dick then gets some oral pleasure himself as Jason blows and rims him. After a good rimjob there has to be some fucking and Jason really gives it to him. The guys screw in at least three positions and we get plenty of close up views as the big British dick moves in and out of Billy’s ass.

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