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Joe Parker Fucks Dalton With 9 Inch Dick

Joe Parker feeds Dalton his 9 inch cock then fucks him

Big dicked 31 year old J0e Parker and young 20 years old Dalton Tyler have a good time in this latest scene at Extra Big Dicks. Dalton has a surprised look on his face when he sees Joe’s cock for the first time. He quickly starts sucking on it but can barely choke it down when it grows to a full 9 inches. The men have some fun sucking each other off until Dalton feels ready to take Joe’s monster cock up his horny hole. Joe rolls the condom all the way down his long meat pole. There isn’t anything left to unroll by the time Joe is done. Joe starts fucking Dalton doggy style the Dalton takes over. The young man rides the big cock like a rodeo rider then turns to his side for Joe to fill his ass as he strokes his own 7 inch cock.

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Tyler West Takes All 9 Inches of Chris Cox

Chris Cox fills Tyler West mouth and ass with his 9 inch dick

Chris Cox is back showing off his fat 9 inch cock again. This time it is Tyler West that will (try) to take care of Chris and his thick meat. They start on the sofa playing with a FleshJack masturbation device. Chris like the feel of the sex toy but would rather have Tyler’s mouth servicing him. Tyler opens his mouth as wide as he can to choke down the monster cock but only gets it in about 3/4 before he’s pushing back. Chris understands and knows what it is like to have to try and swallow something so big. He had an experience with Chad Davis a few months ago that left him gasping and gaping for days. Chris does want to get off though so he moves his mouth and fingers to Tyler’s ass. It is important when your about to get fucked with something so big to be loosened up as much as possible. After rimming and fingering Tyler’s tight hole, Chris is ready to fuck him. Chris slides it in slow at first but speeds up and slams it in to the hilt as soon as he senses Tyler relaxing. Tyler loves the big cock going up his ass and starts stroking his own 7 inch cock as he gets rammed. The big dicked men fuck in a few positions before both shower Tyler’s chest with their streams of cum.

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Niko Sucks Wade’s 8 Inch Meat Popsicle

latino dude deep throats and gets fucked by white guy with 8.5 inch dick

When California Latino Niko Reeves has his chance with 18 year old Wade Riley’s 8.5  inch cock he grabs it. Actually he grabs it, sucks it, rides it, and takes in every inch any way he can. You can see the look of anticipation in Niko’s face when Wade drops his pants and the huge outline of his semi hard dick can be seen through his underwear. Niko starts stroking it then takes it out to start sucking. The part where Niko is licking the long shaft reminded me of a popsicle and that reminded me of the line by Bruce Willis in “Fifth Element” where he identifies himself as a meat popsicle. Okay, so I have a warped sense of humor and a love for funny sci-fi. There isn’t much funny about the skill shown by Niko as he deep throats all of Wade’s long hard dick with nearly a gag though. Wade and his throbbing cock are ready for more! After rimming Niko’s shaved ass a bit, Wade moves his dick up to tease Niko’s hole then puts a condom on and begins the hardcore fucking. Like most young studs, Wade can really go. Wade fucks Niko good and hard the Niko climbs up to ride the white pony. Niko loves the big cock up his tight ass and sprays his jizz across Wade’s smooth pierced belly with an increased pressure caused by the big dick putting pressure on his prostate.

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Ricardo Stuffs Junior With 9 Inch Dick

white dude gets filled front and back with a 9 inch dick

Junior Verde can’t help but notice the outline of Ricardo Vaughn’s dick in his boxers and wants some. He starts to play with it through Ricardo’s boxers at first then takes the semi-hard meat out the side to get a better feel (and taste). Ricardo loves the feeling and gets hard in no time filling Junior’s mouth with hard cock. Junior does his best to deep throat the big piece of dark meat but the face fucki9ng provided by Ricardo is just too much for his pharynx to handle. Ricardo loves the cock as well and is happy to suck Junior’s dick before fucking him. Junior is no slouch in the dick department with 7 inches but it sure looks smaller when standing erect alongside Ricardo”s 9 inch cock. Lucky for Junior and us, his butt is able to stretch wide and take more in length than his mouth. Ricardo pounds the white boys ass from a few positions as Junior strokes himself to a nice cumshot. Ricardo pulls out and shoots his load onto Junior’s pale chest in an explosive ending that fits well with the intensity shown by these two big dicked 20 year olds.

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Seth Haus Fills Tony Royce With His Big Cock

Seth Haus fills Tony Royce with 9 inch cock

Tony Royce is excited to finally meet and film Seth Haus jerking his thick 9 inch dick. The filming is going well with Seth stroking his big dick while Tony works the camera. Its just a matter of time though before Tony can’t control himself and reaches out to take a feel for himself. Next thing you know, both guys are completely naked and Tony is next to Seth on his knees sucking on Seth’s massive tool. Tony does the best he can but can barely handle so much meat in his mouth at once. Luckily Tony’s ass is more accommodating. Seth moves up behind him to push all 9 inch inches of his hard cock into Tony’s butt. Seth doesn’t stop until his pubes are up against Tony’s smooth ass.

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Mason Coxx Feeds Jess Taylor His 9 Inch Dick

Mason Coxx fucks Jess Taylor with 9 inch cock

Both Mason Coxx and his friend with benefits Jess Taylor are well hung with Mason sporting a 9 inch cock and Jess with a curved 8 inch dick. The action gets going when the hung young men decide that a new years eve party can wait until they get each other off. Mason and Jess take turns swallowing each others big cock then Mason gives Jess a good fucking. Jess isn’t quiet at all as Mason slams his ass to the hilt with all 9 inches of hard dick. Jess jerks his load across his stomach as Mason fucks him and Mason spurts his cum onto Jess’ face in a gran new years ending.

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