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Tony is an 18 year old California boy that loves to show off his body and cock. He puts on a great show for a first timer. Tony takes off his shirt to display his thin tattooed body that has barely any hair. The real treat comes as he lowers his underwear. As the shorts go down we see the base of his thick cock and bushy pubes then the dick just keeps going and going until his underwear are nearly at his knees. Tony’s dick is nearly at its full size soft and at 9 inches long, that’s a lot to be packing. The camera man must have had some reaction because Tony gets an evil grin when he looks up. Like a lot of porn newbies, Tony has a little trouble getting hard but does great when he is given a Fleshjack to play with. Tony lubes up and pushes his fat tool into the ribbed sleeve. It must be a tight fit but feels great because he is hard and going to town in no time. The big veins look awesome as his long cock slides in and out of the jack off tool.

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