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Jackson Klein Fucks Rick McCoy With His Fat Raw Cock

Rick McCoy sucks Jackson Klein big fat dick then gets fucked bareback by the monster cock

Jackson Klein is an up and coming gay porn star that has a nice body and a big FAT dick. His cock is only about 7.5 inches long but is bigger around than a beer can meaning that it is BIG. Rick has to open his mouth about as wide as it will go to suck Jackson to a full erection. Jackson enjoys the blowjob but wants something more. He sucks on Rick’s uncut dick for a little then turns his tongue to prep the redheads sweet ass for his cock. Jackson tongues Rick’s hole to get it covered with a layer of saliva before he pushes his raw cock in deep. Jackson fucks Rick bareback from a few different positions including doggy style, on his side, and face to face. At first Rick looks a little in pain from the big dick up his tight jock butt. Near the end Rick’s own dick is hard again and he is stroking a load as the bareback dicking from Jackson continues.

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