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Steven Prior does Alex Silvers

Steven Prior & Alex Silvers suck and fuck

Alex Silvers is excited when he spots Steven Prior in a public bathroom.  The young blond goes down to suck on Steven’s growing cock and can barely swallow the skinny man’s dick as it is about as big as his head.  When you’re as big as Steven you get used to guys not able to deep throat.  Good thing the young man’s ass is able to hold more, although it looks painful as the second half slides in deep.  Steven gives Alex a hard fucking before shooting his load onto the horny lads smooth ass.

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Ty Reece – 10 Inch Uncut Cock


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Watch out Matt Hughes, Ty Reece is the new guy in town at Bulldog Pit and he is going to give you a run for the money. Ty is another skinny scally with a double digit dick. 10.5 inches of uncut cock to be exact and he uses it every bit as well as you do. You can see in the video above that it doesn’t take much to get Ty hard. A few strokes and licks from Toby James and he is ready for action. Toby has to stretch his mouth as wide as it will go to accommodate Ty’s massive meat and there is no way he can deep throat it. Toby has a nice cock himself that Ty sucks on a little before turning his attention to Toby’s smooth twink-like  ass. Ty fucks this boy silly with his huge cock.

This is Ty Reece first appearance at Bulldog Pit but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this big dicked dude. Matt Hughes uses his 11 inch cock in over 9 scenes that are viewable now in the Bulldog Pit member’s area.


Steven Prior Fucks Ashley Ryder

Ashley Ryder swallows the huge cock of Steven Prior

Steven Prior is probably the best known big dicked twink on the internet. Steven is getting older and showing a little chest hair but still has a youthful look about him and still sports a monster big dick. Ashley Ryder hooks up with Steven in this scene at Bulldog Pit to show how he handles hung men like Steven. Ashley starts by sucking on Steven’s dick to get it hard before it’s even out of his underwear. Unlike a lot of guys with a huge penis; Steven gets fully hard and his dick even stands out for effective use. Ashley performs his first feat by swallowing all 10+ inches of Steven’s dick without gagging. You can almost see the dick going down his throat as he pushes Steven’s dick down his gullet. Ashley continues to suck Steven as Steven uses a giant dildo on his jock ass. It’s obvious that Ashley is a big bottom as he takes the sex toy up his butt practicing for the real thing that will be coming soon. Once he’s ready, Ashley sits down on Steven to ride him. Ashley moans and squirms as Steven’s fat dick goes in but seems to love every hard inch. Steven fucks Ashley in a few positions that give us great views of both guys lean tight bodies. As if this scene couldn’t get any better, Steven blows his load right onto Ashley’s face for an awesome ending to an already smoking hot sex session.

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