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Big Meat of Rich Santana

Rich Santana shows his big dick and FleshJacks

Ben of Bentley Race made a post on his website and some adult webmaster forums about an upcoming trip to the United States. When you are known for photographing amateur men with big dicks and sometimes even joining in the action, you can imagine how many e-mails and offers for sex Ben must have received. One request caught his attention more than others and looking at the picture of Rich Santana above you can see why. Rich has a lean ripped body and a nice big uncut cock. Rich isn’t an Aussie like most of the men but with a pair of Aussie Bum underwear and that big uncut pole he certainly fits in with the other guys on the site so…

Rich strips down to his underwear out by the pool then comes in to the hotel room for a more explicit show. Rich doesn’t look that big with his underwear on but as he lowers them his dick just seems to keep growing. His long meat hangs nearly half way down his thigh when it is semi hard and the foreskin covers about half the big head. Rich does some dick tricks like folding it in half and pulling it between his legs then gets to stroking it to full erection. For a real bit of self pleasure, Rich shoves a clear FleshJack into the sofa cushion to fuck it. Even from the behind view Rich’s cock looks big as it slides in and out of the sex toy.

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