Young Devin Moss Naked in Hot Tub

wet big dicked twink: Devin Moss gets naked and strokes his 10 inch uncut cock in a hot tub

I came across this picture of Devin Moss while sifting through an old porn folder on an old hard drive. It was the work that Devin did as a young man at Citi Boyz that got me sooo interested in him. He came into the US gay porn scene at a time when we were infatuated with the big dicked euro boyz from Czech Republic and Lucas and the gang at Bel Ami. Seeing Devon Moss gave us hope that even in the US we could find a cute guy with a huge uncut cock right here at home. The old Citi Boyz videos were pro-am quality. Often shot in campgrounds and hotel suites these really were the cute boyz next door doing gay porn. This jerk off scene with Devon takes place in a frequently seen hot tub. Wow if that tub could talk! Devin already looks hot with the wet tee shirt clinging to his thin boi-body. His cock is so big it stretches all the way across his waist as he leans back and pulls the tight underwear off. Devin’s dick is so swollen that the foreskin is nearly off the head but a little can be made out for a short bit before it gets so big that it’s all stretched back tight. No doubt that Devin Moss set the standard early and high for all big dicked twinks at Citi Boyz and elsewhere to follow.


Braden Klien Strokes His Big Twink Cock

big dicked twink Braden Klien strokes his cock while using a dildo on his hairless ass

I never get bored of seeing skinny twink-types with big dicks. Braden Klien is an excellent example. This young man has a boyish face, smooth body without much muscle, and a big cock. In his jerk off video at Boy Crush Braden strips down to a pair of boxer briefs and starts stroking himself. Watching the bulge grow in his underwear is exciting as it stretches all the way across his waist and nearly reaches his hip. Like his smooth body, Braden’s cock is completely hairless too. This twink doesn’t need to shave his pubes to look bigger but the smooth look is hot on him. Braden starts working his massive meat then grabs a big blue dildo that is about as large as his dick. Braden shoves the big sex toy up his smooth ass and fucks himself hard as he pumps his cock to cum.

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Grayson Fills Anthony With 9 Inch Dick

Grayson James feeds his 9 inch cock to Anthony Price

Grayson James is a well endowed straight guy with an impressive 9 inch dick. He loves the tight feeling of anal sex but his girlfriend says no way to the back door entry from him. Good thing there are horny bisexual boys like Anthony Price. Anthony is hooked up with Grayson for this anal sex scene at Bait Buddies. Anthony does his best to suck Grayson’s big hard dick but can’t get it all down his throat. He does a lot better taking the big tool up his tight ass. Grayson puts on a condom as Anthony applies a gob of lube to his butt. Anthony slowly lowers himself onto Grayson’s rock hard cock until it is all the way in. The look on Anthony’s face is great as the long dick gets about half way in. Grayson fucks Anthony from a few positions before ending up on the edge of the bed with one of Anthony’s legs in the air. Anthony shoots his wad as Grayson long strokes him then grayson jerks his thick load onto Anthony’s upper leg.

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Brez Wild Stuffs Jace Tyler with 8 Inch Cock


Watch the cum filled finish at Blake Mason

The guys at Blake Mason hooked up a member’s favorite with a relative newcomer for a duo scene that is hot from start to creamy finish. Jace Tyler is the newcomer with only a few scenes online. Jace has long hair with a reddish hue, some facial hair, and a 7 inch uncut dick. Brez Wild is no stranger to the camera with over 10 action scenes at Blake Mason including two featuring guys with big dicks. This skinny 22 year old has a nice 8 inch cock and he loves to use it! As soon as Brez and Jace get together they start making out and stripping each other naked. Jace sucks on Brez’s monster first. You can tell he really loves sucking big dick because his own dick gets hard with barely any external stimulation. Brez goes down to swallow every inch of Jace then moves his tongue to rim his hairless ass. Jayce takes Brez long cock all the way up his ass from a number of positions before ending up on top riding the meat pole. He strokes an explosive load of cum that splatters all over Brez and the bed and surrounding area. The pleasure he feels cumming with Brez’s dick in him is obvious. Brez knows what us viewers likes and aims to please. He pulls his big dick from Jace’s butt and fires his stream of jizz directly onto the newcomers face.


Dallas & Sean Share Criss’ 10 Inch Dick


watch the full scene now at College Dudes

Dallas and Sean are are smiles and fun loving when they are sitting around joking with Chriss. The fun continues but the boyz get serious when they lay eyes on Chriss’ 10 inch dick. Even while soft, his dick hangs about 1/3 the way down his long skinny thigh. Goor thing there are two horny guys there hungry for cock because Chriss has enough cock to go around. Watch how the guys take turns licking the long shaft and sucking Chriss’ big dick. Chriss loves the attention from his two big dick admirers and plays with them by pulling out of ones mouth and pushing it right into the others. Dallas and Sean don’t seem to mind. After all they are getting to share a double digit dick with a friend.


Fernando’s Big Uncut Brazilian Cock

Brazilian surfer strokes his big uncut dick

Fernando is a Brazilian on vacation in Hawaii. The young jock was spotted on the beach and the guys at Island Studs had to ask him back to show off his stuff. Fernando’s body alone would make for some great jack off material with his dark skin, ripped muscles, 6 pack abs, and a cute face. An added bonus to this Brazilian beauty is his big uncut dick. Fernando does great showing off his muscles then gets to work pumping his dick. Even when fully hard there is plenty of foreskin that partially covers the swollen head. Fernando pumps hard and fast until he sprays a big load of cum all the way to his neck. The creamy jizz looks awesome on his dark skin and ripped stomach.

see more of Fernando here


Ty Reece – 10 Inch Uncut Cock


watch the full video at Bulldog Pit now

Watch out Matt Hughes, Ty Reece is the new guy in town at Bulldog Pit and he is going to give you a run for the money. Ty is another skinny scally with a double digit dick. 10.5 inches of uncut cock to be exact and he uses it every bit as well as you do. You can see in the video above that it doesn’t take much to get Ty hard. A few strokes and licks from Toby James and he is ready for action. Toby has to stretch his mouth as wide as it will go to accommodate Ty’s massive meat and there is no way he can deep throat it. Toby has a nice cock himself that Ty sucks on a little before turning his attention to Toby’s smooth twink-likeĀ  ass. Ty fucks this boy silly with his huge cock.

This is Ty Reece first appearance at Bulldog Pit but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this big dicked dude. Matt Hughes uses his 11 inch cock in over 9 scenes that are viewable now in the Bulldog Pit member’s area.


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