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Leo Slams Max With Big Uncut Dick

tattooed straight guy gets his big uncut dick sucked by a guy dude

Bait Buddies isn’t really a “big dick” site but they know what gay men like to watch and bring in plenty of models with bigger than average sized cocks to keep us happy. Such is the case with their recent update featuring the hung straight boy Leo. Leo has a lean body with lots of ink and a thick 9 inch uncut cock hanging between his legs. Well, it starts hanging but gets hard as he starts stroking it. Leo’s dick is is big but can still stand out from his body when hard as you can see in the picture above. It gets even harder when the gay bait assigned to get Leo off starts sucking on it. Max licks the long shaft and swallows every inch of Leo’s big dick before getting fucked by it. After both guys cum Leo admits that having a guy service him was just as good as some of the girls he’s been with. I’m sure that there are plenty more that would love to make this hung stud happy. Me included!

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Guy Strokes His 8 Inch Cock

tattooed guy jacks his 8 inch dick

Guy is a 21 year old that still loves to talk about his high school football days. I bet Guy was a real eye turned in the shower as his 8.5 inch cock is nearly as big soft as it is hard. Guy strips down to his boxers to show off his muscular body with lots of ink. Before long, the shorts are down and we get our first look at Guy’s impressive piece of meat. Lots of men trim or shave their their pubes to make their junk look bigger. Guy is trimmed but doesn’t need to do it to look bigger, that’s for sure. The smooth balls do make licking more enjoyable though and I’m sure that there are lots of guys and girls that would be happy to take every inch that this young man has to give.

Guy gets off at Active Duty

Parker Takes Straight Guy’s 9 Inch Cock

Parker Perry takes Girth Brooks 9 inch cock

You know that a dick is big when semi-pro gay porn star Parker Perry gags. When Parker first sees the fat 9 inch cock on straight boy Girth he can’t wait to get his hands and mouth around it. At first it is a little too much for him but Parker chokes it down then takes the Goliath cock up his ass. Parker strokes his own 9 inch uncut cock as Girth fucks him sending a stream of cum up his hairy chest. When everything is done, Girth says that no girl has ever been able to deep throat him or take it up the ass like Parker.

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Two Cum Shots and a 7 Inch Cock

click for Roy’s big cock and both cum shots

Roy is a 22 year old straight boy doing his first nude video and is very nervous. Once he settles down a bit we are treated to a view of his 7 inch curved cock as he jacks off. Roy plays with his balls and rubs his hand across his smooth chest as he strokes his long pole. His hand moves faster and his whole body tenses up as he shoots his load. The frat house owner is talking to him about his nice body and cock and asks if he can come over for a closer look. A close look turns to touching, and touching turns into a cock grab that gets Roy hard again. This time the owner is the one rubbing Roy’s big hard cock. At one point he even says that holding onto Roy’s cock was like jerking a salami. Roy must have enjoyed the attention because he shoots his second load and it is even larger than his first. A lot noisier as well.

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