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Guy sucks straight boy’s 8 inch dick

Guy gags on fat 8 inch cock

Reed is a 22 year old straight guy that has jerked off and been jerked off previously at Spunk Worthy. The guy who runs Spunk Worthy had to work had and offer a lot of money to get Reed to agree to get his first gay blow job. Jason couldn’t wait to get Reed’s fat 8 inch cock into his mouth. When Reed gets naked, his dick is soft but starts to grow instantly when Jason grabs hold and starts stroking. Before long his dick is rock hard. Not only is Reed long, his cock is really fat with a big head. Reed is pretty relaxed, lying back on the sofa as the blow job starts. When Jason starts to go deep on the straight guys big cock he gets excited. Reed stands up to thrust his cock deep down Jason’s throat. The gay dick sucker is pretty good at deep throating but the immense girth of Reed’s dick causes him to gag. The more Jason gags, the harder Reed shoves his cock in. He even grabs the back of Jason’s head to push him down the full length of his cock. When it comes time for the cumshot, Jason pulls off in time to catch one of Reed’s famous shoots. In every scene with Reed, he shoots a huge load. The cum flies across his chest and splatters on his fave, neck, and even in his hair. Reed is amazing!


Billy Hicks FleshJacks His 10 Inch Dick

skinny guy with big dick uses a male sex toy to get off

Big dicked Billy Hicks is back for an encore performance at You Love Jack. His hair is cut shorter giving him a more “professional” look and he’s gained a little weight but still sports a lean body. There is no mistaking his 10 inch dick though. Billy has a very nice cock! He keeps the pubes shaved clean to match his smooth chest and abs. As Billy gets naked his his dick is already semi hard and filling his underwear. With only a stroke or two, it is standing pretty and ready for action. Billy starts by showing off his big asset while sitting and standing. He is so tempting while sitting on the sofa with his legs spread and that big tool pointing up begging to be serviced. To keep things interesting, Billy grabs a bottle of lube and a FleshJack jerk off sleeve. The opening of the sex toy is tight for Billy at first. He slides the clear toy down the long shaft of his hard cock slowly at first allowing the lube to cover every inch of his cock. Once the device is sufficiently slick Billy goes to work pumping the artificial hole hard. His massive dick looks so hot glistening with lube and long fucking the clear sleeve. The look on his face says it all… he loves it! Billy fucks the FleshJack until he’s ready to nut then pulls the toy off his cock to rub his load with an unobstructed view of his cumshot. The sperm flies from his slick cock spurting globs onto his upper chest and leaving a pool running down his tanned abs. Billy’s dark smooth skin looks amazing with the white pearls of cum. Someone should be there to help him clean up. I know that I would. <hint hint>


Grayson Fills Anthony With 9 Inch Dick

Grayson James feeds his 9 inch cock to Anthony Price

Grayson James is a well endowed straight guy with an impressive 9 inch dick. He loves the tight feeling of anal sex but his girlfriend says no way to the back door entry from him. Good thing there are horny bisexual boys like Anthony Price. Anthony is hooked up with Grayson for this anal sex scene at Bait Buddies. Anthony does his best to suck Grayson’s big hard dick but can’t get it all down his throat. He does a lot better taking the big tool up his tight ass. Grayson puts on a condom as Anthony applies a gob of lube to his butt. Anthony slowly lowers himself onto Grayson’s rock hard cock until it is all the way in. The look on Anthony’s face is great as the long dick gets about half way in. Grayson fucks Anthony from a few positions before ending up on the edge of the bed with one of Anthony’s legs in the air. Anthony shoots his wad as Grayson long strokes him then grayson jerks his thick load onto Anthony’s upper leg.

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Fernando’s Big Uncut Brazilian Cock

Brazilian surfer strokes his big uncut dick

Fernando is a Brazilian on vacation in Hawaii. The young jock was spotted on the beach and the guys at Island Studs had to ask him back to show off his stuff. Fernando’s body alone would make for some great jack off material with his dark skin, ripped muscles, 6 pack abs, and a cute face. An added bonus to this Brazilian beauty is his big uncut dick. Fernando does great showing off his muscles then gets to work pumping his dick. Even when fully hard there is plenty of foreskin that partially covers the swollen head. Fernando pumps hard and fast until he sprays a big load of cum all the way to his neck. The creamy jizz looks awesome on his dark skin and ripped stomach.

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Tattooed Straight Guy Shows His 8 Inch Dick

tattooed straight guy has a bigger than average sized dick

Colby tells us during his interview at Spunk Worthy that his dick is average sized compared to the guys he was in the army with. I’m not sure what the army is feeding these guys but 8 inches is not average, it is big. Colby also says that he has never gotten off with a guy watching before but doesn’t seem to have any trouble getting hard when his clothes are off. Colby starts stroking himself and smiles when Jason comments about the length of his dick. I think that having a guy who films gay porn tell him it is big was kind of a turn on for the straight first timer. With Colby’s lean body, lots of ink, and that super nice cock I think that he could make a lot more men happy doing some other scenes and putting his bigger than average cock to good use.

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Hairy Footballer Strokes His 9 Inch Cock

hairy Brit strokes his 9 inch uncut dick

Ed is a hairy middle aged straight man that loves to play football (soccer for us Americans). Ed’s deep voice and accent is sexy in its own way but things get better as he starts to get undressed. Unlike a lot of guys in porn these days, Ed keeps his chest hair natural. Wow does he have a lot too. Ed begins to rub his growing cock through his shorts as he continues to get undressed and before long there is a nice big bulge in them. His dick is so long that is nearly sticks out the edge. Lucky that they don’t stay him for long. Ed pulls his underwear down to reveal his already hard 9 inch uncut cock. You gotta love these amateur men that have no trouble getting hard on camera. Ed plays with his foreskin and rubs his fat dick while showing us the rest of his lean hairy body including some close up pictures of his butt and hole. Once the show and tell session is done he lays back on the sofa to give all his attention to his dick. Ed uses both hands for the full stimulation that brings a stream of jizz flowing from the head and lands on his hairy belly and pubes.

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