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Gabriel Lenfant – 8 Inch Uncut Cock

Gabriel Lenfant poses naked showing his uncuct 8 inch dick

Gabriel Lenfant is a hot jock with an 8 inch uncut cock. In this scene at Next Door Male Gabriel does an intense workout that gets him all sweaty and pumped up. He gets more than just his muscles pumped too. He goes to the locker room where he takes off his shirt and pours a bottle of water down his semi-hairy chest. His dick is getting hard and sticking out the side of his shorts so he starts stroking it. The foreskin slides back and forth as his dick grows to its full 8 inches in length. Once he gets hard Gabriel moves around to give us the best views of his hot body, smooth ass, and big uncut cock before dumping his load and heading to the shower.

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Jordan Fox Fucks Luke Desmond

Jordan Fox and Luke Desmond have gay sex

Luke Desmond may have the longer cock at 9 inches long compared with Jordan Fox’s 8 inch cock but Jordan has girth on his side for sure. Even as the two British jocks stand next to each other with their hard dicks standing out from their running shorts you can clearly see how big their dicks are. Jordan has no trouble sucking on Luke while Luke has to open his mouth as far as it will go to take in the thick cock of Jordan. The guys rub and suck each other while standing then give us a show by docking with each other. They move to the floor for the action to continue with Jordan sucking Luke and letting the saliva run down his smooth balls to his hairless ass. You know what happens when a cute guy like Luke has his butt hole covered with saliva… the fucking commences! Jordan slides his thick cock slowly up Luke’s tight hole at first then picks up speed as Luke relaxes a little. When the camera zooms in close we can see the great cock of Luke as he strokes away while being fucked. Luke looks even better in the end after Jordan and him shoot their cum onto his smooth chest and ripped abs. Yummy!

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Mason Wyler and Christian Owen In The Gym

two big dicked jocks have gay sex in the gym

Mason Wyler has the bigger dick (measuring 8 inches) but it is Christian Owen that dominates this gym sex scene at Xtra Inches. The guys are doing push ups and lifting weights together when they are hot and sweaty their shirts come off to expose their ripped jock bodies. The sight of each other covered with sweat gets them (and me) horny and ready for some hot sex. They take turns sucking each others dick then move to a 69 position. Christian takes all inches of Mason’s uncut dick down his throat with ease then starts rimming his sweet ass. Mason gets on the weight bench for Christian to fuck him while he strokes himself to a nice cumshot.

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Big Meat of Rich Santana

Rich Santana shows his big dick and FleshJacks

Ben of Bentley Race made a post on his website and some adult webmaster forums about an upcoming trip to the United States. When you are known for photographing amateur men with big dicks and sometimes even joining in the action, you can imagine how many e-mails and offers for sex Ben must have received. One request caught his attention more than others and looking at the picture of Rich Santana above you can see why. Rich has a lean ripped body and a nice big uncut cock. Rich isn’t an Aussie like most of the men but with a pair of Aussie Bum underwear and that big uncut pole he certainly fits in with the other guys on the site so…

Rich strips down to his underwear out by the pool then comes in to the hotel room for a more explicit show. Rich doesn’t look that big with his underwear on but as he lowers them his dick just seems to keep growing. His long meat hangs nearly half way down his thigh when it is semi hard and the foreskin covers about half the big head. Rich does some dick tricks like folding it in half and pulling it between his legs then gets to stroking it to full erection. For a real bit of self pleasure, Rich shoves a clear FleshJack into the sofa cushion to fuck it. Even from the behind view Rich’s cock looks big as it slides in and out of the sex toy.

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Race Cooper – 9 Inch Cock

Race Cooper fucks Derek Rynolds with 9 inch cock

Both Race Cooper and Derek Rynolds have 9 inch dicks and know how to use them but it’s Race in this scene at Xtra Inches that dominates. Derek gets on his knees to suck on Race’s big black cock until it is hard as a rock and dripping wet. Race uses his tongue to loosen up Derek’s muscular ass before sliding in every inch of his condom covered cock. Derek bucks a little as the extra large dick goes in and Race pulls an old trick from the bag, biting on Derek’s ear and neck to distract him from the aggressive plowing his ass is getting.

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Ty Carter Feeds Dean Carver 9 Inch Cock

Ty Carter has it going for sure! When this tall, dark, handsome, and hung college jock walks out wearing nothing but a towel to find his horny roommate Dean Carver playing with his dick on the bed you can be sure that things are about to get exciting. Dean tells his friend to join him for some fun and soon the guys are kissing and rubbing each others bodies and cocks. Ty has an impressive 9 inch dick that Dean long strokes and admires with a big smile. Before long they are sucking and 69ing with each other. Ty is on top pushing his big dick down Dean’s throat while he licks Dean’s ass, getting it ready for a pounding. Dean moans with pleasure as Ty rims his semi hairy hole and gets even louder with his sex sounds when Ty pushes his monster pole up his tight jock ass. Ty fucks Dean in a few positions and has some fun jacking Dean’s cock until both guys shoot their creamy load. They don’t show it in the video but I’m guessing both guys needed another shower when they were done.

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