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Hairy Footballer Strokes His 9 Inch Cock

hairy Brit strokes his 9 inch uncut dick

Ed is a hairy middle aged straight man that loves to play football (soccer for us Americans). Ed’s deep voice and accent is sexy in its own way but things get better as he starts to get undressed. Unlike a lot of guys in porn these days, Ed keeps his chest hair natural. Wow does he have a lot too. Ed begins to rub his growing cock through his shorts as he continues to get undressed and before long there is a nice big bulge in them. His dick is so long that is nearly sticks out the edge. Lucky that they don’t stay him for long. Ed pulls his underwear down to reveal his already hard 9 inch uncut cock. You gotta love these amateur men that have no trouble getting hard on camera. Ed plays with his foreskin and rubs his fat dick while showing us the rest of his lean hairy body including some close up pictures of his butt and hole. Once the show and tell session is done he lays back on the sofa to give all his attention to his dick. Ed uses both hands for the full stimulation that brings a stream of jizz flowing from the head and lands on his hairy belly and pubes.

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Christian Wilde Fucks Johnny Gunn

Christian Wilde fucks Johnny Gunn with 8 inch cock

If you like your men butch as well as hung, you’re going to love the scene between Christian Wilde and Johnny Gunn at Xtra Inches. Lets get the important stat out of the way first, Christian has an 8 inch cock and Johnny has a slightly larger cock measuring in at 8.5 inches. Both guys have semi to slightly hairy chest, lean bodies, and some tattoos. The sex takes place in a warehouse setting where you can see the plain cement walls and 55 gallon chemical drums laying around for a gritty and raw feel but this isn’t a bareback session. Johnny starts by sucking on Christian’s dick then Christian gets in front of Johnny to deep throat his big cock. The way that Johnny grabbed the back of Christians head during his blowjob, I thought that Johnny was going to top but it is Christian that puts a magnum condom on and slams his big dick into Johnny Gunn’s hairy ass.

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Parker Takes Straight Guy’s 9 Inch Cock

Parker Perry takes Girth Brooks 9 inch cock

You know that a dick is big when semi-pro gay porn star Parker Perry gags. When Parker first sees the fat 9 inch cock on straight boy Girth he can’t wait to get his hands and mouth around it. At first it is a little too much for him but Parker chokes it down then takes the Goliath cock up his ass. Parker strokes his own 9 inch uncut cock as Girth fucks him sending a stream of cum up his hairy chest. When everything is done, Girth says that no girl has ever been able to deep throat him or take it up the ass like Parker.

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