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Heitor Madeira Strokes His Big Black Cock


black man uses both hands to stroke his 9 inch dick

Big dick and ebony lovers among us already know it isn’t true that ALL black men have huge cocks. Heitor shows us that he isn’t one of them. This amateur black man strips naked in the kitchen to let loose the fat piece of meat that hangs between his legs. It doesn’t take long and only a few tugs before his dick starts to get even thicker and longer while he stands naked. The foreskin slowly slides back as the head swells and Heitor’s 9 inch dick starts to stand erect and ready for action. Unlike other scenes that his big black cock has starred in at XXL Cocks, this time it is going it solo. Heitor moves to a more comfortable place to sit and rub one out. Heitor loves to use both hands firmly gripping himself for maximum pleasure. Using only one hand only stimulates about a third of his length so…

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Ricardo Stuffs Junior With 9 Inch Dick

white dude gets filled front and back with a 9 inch dick

Junior Verde can’t help but notice the outline of Ricardo Vaughn’s dick in his boxers and wants some. He starts to play with it through Ricardo’s boxers at first then takes the semi-hard meat out the side to get a better feel (and taste). Ricardo loves the feeling and gets hard in no time filling Junior’s mouth with hard cock. Junior does his best to deep throat the big piece of dark meat but the face fucki9ng provided by Ricardo is just too much for his pharynx to handle. Ricardo loves the cock as well and is happy to suck Junior’s dick before fucking him. Junior is no slouch in the dick department with 7 inches but it sure looks smaller when standing erect alongside Ricardo”s 9 inch cock. Lucky for Junior and us, his butt is able to stretch wide and take more in length than his mouth. Ricardo pounds the white boys ass from a few positions as Junior strokes himself to a nice cumshot. Ricardo pulls out and shoots his load onto Junior’s pale chest in an explosive ending that fits well with the intensity shown by these two big dicked 20 year olds.

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Felipe Sainz Strokes His XXL Black Cock

Felipe Sainz strokes his big black cock poolside

Members of XXL Cock have asked for more of Felipe Sainz and the owners delivered. This very cute black boy has a smooth ripped body and a big uncut cock that he strokes while relaxing by the pool. If you like guys with low hanging balls in addition to a big dick than you’re going to love Felipe whose balls hang so low that they touch the ground as he sits naked in the grass.

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Race Cooper – 9 Inch Cock

Race Cooper fucks Derek Rynolds with 9 inch cock

Both Race Cooper and Derek Rynolds have 9 inch dicks and know how to use them but it’s Race in this scene at Xtra Inches that dominates. Derek gets on his knees to suck on Race’s big black cock until it is hard as a rock and dripping wet. Race uses his tongue to loosen up Derek’s muscular ass before sliding in every inch of his condom covered cock. Derek bucks a little as the extra large dick goes in and Race pulls an old trick from the bag, biting on Derek’s ear and neck to distract him from the aggressive plowing his ass is getting.

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Hotrod’s 9 Inch Black Cock

Hotrod strokes his black 9 inch cock

Hotrod is the latest big dicked black man to jerk off for our enjoyment at Raw Rods. At 6’2″ and only 150 pounds he is a thin dude. It’s probably his skinny body that makes his 9 inch cock look so thick. Hotrod strips naked and strokes his big black dick at Raw Rods.

Drew’s Thick 10 Inch Dick

Drew Brody - 10 inch uncut cock

With so many big dicked men at Hard Brit Lads you might think there is something in the water or something. Looking at other English and Euro porn sites I can promise that isn’t the case. They just have a knack for finding the biggest cocks in the UK and getting them on camera. The latest guy to show off his enormous dick is Drew Brody who sports a very thick 10 inch uncut cock. Drew strokes his monster through his loose blue shorts to make a huge bulge then takes it out and plays with it for his, and our, enjoyment.

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