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Ty Reece – 10 Inch Uncut Cock


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Watch out Matt Hughes, Ty Reece is the new guy in town at Bulldog Pit and he is going to give you a run for the money. Ty is another skinny scally with a double digit dick. 10.5 inches of uncut cock to be exact and he uses it every bit as well as you do. You can see in the video above that it doesn’t take much to get Ty hard. A few strokes and licks from Toby James and he is ready for action. Toby has to stretch his mouth as wide as it will go to accommodate Ty’s massive meat and there is no way he can deep throat it. Toby has a nice cock himself that Ty sucks on a little before turning his attention to Toby’s smooth twink-likeĀ  ass. Ty fucks this boy silly with his huge cock.

This is Ty Reece first appearance at Bulldog Pit but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this big dicked dude. Matt Hughes uses his 11 inch cock in over 9 scenes that are viewable now in the Bulldog Pit member’s area.


Jackson Klein Fucks Rick McCoy With His Fat Raw Cock

Rick McCoy sucks Jackson Klein big fat dick then gets fucked bareback by the monster cock

Jackson Klein is an up and coming gay porn star that has a nice body and a big FAT dick. His cock is only about 7.5 inches long but is bigger around than a beer can meaning that it is BIG. Rick has to open his mouth about as wide as it will go to suck Jackson to a full erection. Jackson enjoys the blowjob but wants something more. He sucks on Rick’s uncut dick for a little then turns his tongue to prep the redheads sweet ass for his cock. Jackson tongues Rick’s hole to get it covered with a layer of saliva before he pushes his raw cock in deep. Jackson fucks Rick bareback from a few different positions including doggy style, on his side, and face to face. At first Rick looks a little in pain from the big dick up his tight jock butt. Near the end Rick’s own dick is hard again and he is stroking a load as the bareback dicking from Jackson continues.

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Joe Parker Fucks Dalton With 9 Inch Dick

Joe Parker feeds Dalton his 9 inch cock then fucks him

Big dicked 31 year old J0e Parker and young 20 years old Dalton Tyler have a good time in this latest scene at Extra Big Dicks. Dalton has a surprised look on his face when he sees Joe’s cock for the first time. He quickly starts sucking on it but can barely choke it down when it grows to a full 9 inches. The men have some fun sucking each other off until Dalton feels ready to take Joe’s monster cock up his horny hole. Joe rolls the condom all the way down his long meat pole. There isn’t anything left to unroll by the time Joe is done. Joe starts fucking Dalton doggy style the Dalton takes over. The young man rides the big cock like a rodeo rider then turns to his side for Joe to fill his ass as he strokes his own 7 inch cock.

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Leo Slams Max With Big Uncut Dick

tattooed straight guy gets his big uncut dick sucked by a guy dude

Bait Buddies isn’t really a “big dick” site but they know what gay men like to watch and bring in plenty of models with bigger than average sized cocks to keep us happy. Such is the case with their recent update featuring the hung straight boy Leo. Leo has a lean body with lots of ink and a thick 9 inch uncut cock hanging between his legs. Well, it starts hanging but gets hard as he starts stroking it. Leo’s dick is is big but can still stand out from his body when hard as you can see in the picture above. It gets even harder when the gay bait assigned to get Leo off starts sucking on it. Max licks the long shaft and swallows every inch of Leo’s big dick before getting fucked by it. After both guys cum Leo admits that having a guy service him was just as good as some of the girls he’s been with. I’m sure that there are plenty more that would love to make this hung stud happy. Me included!

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Tyler West Takes All 9 Inches of Chris Cox

Chris Cox fills Tyler West mouth and ass with his 9 inch dick

Chris Cox is back showing off his fat 9 inch cock again. This time it is Tyler West that will (try) to take care of Chris and his thick meat. They start on the sofa playing with a FleshJack masturbation device. Chris like the feel of the sex toy but would rather have Tyler’s mouth servicing him. Tyler opens his mouth as wide as he can to choke down the monster cock but only gets it in about 3/4 before he’s pushing back. Chris understands and knows what it is like to have to try and swallow something so big. He had an experience with Chad Davis a few months ago that left him gasping and gaping for days. Chris does want to get off though so he moves his mouth and fingers to Tyler’s ass. It is important when your about to get fucked with something so big to be loosened up as much as possible. After rimming and fingering Tyler’s tight hole, Chris is ready to fuck him. Chris slides it in slow at first but speeds up and slams it in to the hilt as soon as he senses Tyler relaxing. Tyler loves the big cock going up his ass and starts stroking his own 7 inch cock as he gets rammed. The big dicked men fuck in a few positions before both shower Tyler’s chest with their streams of cum.

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Jordan Fox Fucks Luke Desmond

Jordan Fox and Luke Desmond have gay sex

Luke Desmond may have the longer cock at 9 inches long compared with Jordan Fox’s 8 inch cock but Jordan has girth on his side for sure. Even as the two British jocks stand next to each other with their hard dicks standing out from their running shorts you can clearly see how big their dicks are. Jordan has no trouble sucking on Luke while Luke has to open his mouth as far as it will go to take in the thick cock of Jordan. The guys rub and suck each other while standing then give us a show by docking with each other. They move to the floor for the action to continue with Jordan sucking Luke and letting the saliva run down his smooth balls to his hairless ass. You know what happens when a cute guy like Luke has his butt hole covered with saliva… the fucking commences! Jordan slides his thick cock slowly up Luke’s tight hole at first then picks up speed as Luke relaxes a little. When the camera zooms in close we can see the great cock of Luke as he strokes away while being fucked. Luke looks even better in the end after Jordan and him shoot their cum onto his smooth chest and ripped abs. Yummy!

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